woah, another update after... 3 years or so! 2012 is now!

map 01, 1:28 ... took such a long time to learn, then i botched it. and ToD beat it later that day anyways.
map 02, 0:20 ... fresh new demo ('12, Nov 24) that finally does the map justice.
map 03, 0:51 ... old crap that was the record for like 2 hours, then ToD did 48s.
map 04, 0:08 ... new stuff (recorded on zdaemon 1.09), very content with this.
map 05, 1:49 ... my old (2008!) standing record, surprisngly good.
map 06, 11:47 ... not even gonna bother linking this. go fetch ToD's demo. it's twice as fast.
map 07, 1:54 ... how is this the standing record for 4 years? i need to improve this.
map 08, 4:18 ... not bad, but still over 30s slower than ToD.
map 09, 4:54 ... another crap record that needs to go ASAP.

map 01, exit 4:13 ... after half a year i sat down to improve my pb... and by a freak of luck i found a better and faster way from gold key to bfg. it took only 500 tries to run it this way. still not perfect. but i really didn't care when i finished, i just felt 1.great satisfaction for 30secs improvement, 2.immense hate towards the first sc jump. enjoy watching. /tod used this route and another new trick to get 3:31 :)/
map 01 bfg speedrun, exit 4:46 ... the only bfg speedrun in existence :) i'm still the only one with actual demos of doing the rl2bfg jump and i got very lucky very fast in this one. it might have been faster if i collected plasma, the exit shafts are abysmally slow with bfg.. well, at least i can consider it the fastest 'pure' run not using teleport exploits :)
map 01 max run, respawn 19:52, exit 22:11 ... i trained some new routes and tricks and got this, it's 30 secs better than old tod's run, shame i kill so many minutes on easy jumps :) respawn means that i picked all points and they reappear with a loud sound.

coop armor sweep with hokis, 15:40 respawn, 17:56 exit ... those were fun times... with the help of aircontrol, though. the route is probably obsolete now, but noone ever tried to beat it :)